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Wilmington Dog Sitting

Or, as we like to call it...
Playdates & Sleepovers!

The Hosting Paws Experience

Say goodbye to traditional kennels and hello to a "home away from home" experience where your dog becomes part of the family.

Family-Style Care

Your dog can indulge in the comfort of plush couches, personalized attention, and a warm, loving environment.

Backyard Dog Park

Unleash your dog's inner joy in our spacious, fenced-in outdoor play area lets your furry friend chase

Home Sweet Home

We go the extra mile to replicate your dog's home life, discussing dietary needs, playtime preferences, and special routines.

Space is Limited

Schedule a meet-and-greet and and give your dog a cozy second home filled with wagging tails and endless belly rubs.

Skip the Kennel

(your dog will thank you)

Leaving town should never mean leaving family behind.

Hosting Paws goes beyond traditional boarding, offering a warm, family-centric environment where your dog is not just a guest but a cherished member.

Imagine your furry friend sprawled on a plush couch, relishing ear scritches and personalized treats, all part of the Hosting Paws experience.

No sterile walls, no impersonal routines – just a haven where your dog can be their lovable selves.

It's like going to the dog park

Only Cooler!

Unleash your VIP pup at our private playground!

We understand that dogs crave more than just comfort; they yearn for adventure.

Our large outdoor play area, under the Carolina sky, becomes a playground where tails wag with pure joy.

Picture your dog chasing butterflies, meeting new friends, and enjoying the warm sun. 

Unleash the fun!

Schedule your playdate today!

Your Pup's Second Home in Wilmington

Routine is the heartbeat of happiness for dogs.

Hosting Paws takes this to heart, striving to replicate your dog's home life.

From dietary needs to playtime schedules, we tailor our care to your dog's unique preferences.

Our personalized care goes beyond generic walks, ensuring your dog receives the attention, exercise, and companionship they need.

Quick Contact

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331 Silva Terra Dr. Wilmington, NC 28412
‪(910) 632-0963‬